Mohammed Dinso was a chemical and aerospace engineer in the employment of SXDI prior to the second anti-fungi campaign. In addition to the highly potent fungicides utilized in the second anti-fungi campaign, Dinso notably developed the engines used in the qetu together with his mentor, Otis Vksgn.

In the war at the end of the Cenozoic era, Dinso opposed strongly the destruction of sapient life on the part of both the EFGs and SXDI. He suggested to Jack Zivigoron that since the fungi had evolved intelligence akin to - and indeed, surpassing - that of humanity, they should be treated as life-forms equal to humans. For this action he was labeled as a traitor and subsequently conscripted into SXDI's paramilitary force. Opposed to the corporation's view of fungi as an "evil race", he viewed the war as a necessity and a tragic byproduct of human narrowmindedness. Notably, not one other employee of SXDI agreed with Disno's perception of the war save for his old mentor, Otis Vksgn, and even Vksgn withheld his views from the public until after the war's end to prevent punishment by corporation authorities such as Zivigoron.

Dinso played an instrumental role in the Battle of Sector Doomzone and, though the battle was a defeat, Disno received a multiple promotion to the rank of Minor. He subsequently requested a transfer away from the front lines. In a brief stint as a member of the SXDI secret forces, Disno reported that Zerix had hoarded protolithial, "the most potent of fungicides and a gas extremely useful for its healing properties", in sealed containers under his personal supervision in the centre of the Fungi Imperial Space Fortress. For this claim which accompanied a detailed report that Zivigoron claimed was "much too long for me to waste my time with", Dinso was made a laughingstock among secret forces members, which led to his resignation and re-enlistment in the paramilitary force. He personally destroyed the commander of Fungi Space Fortress V. This action, together with John Sitnaf's discovery of protolithial in Zerix's Imperial Chamber, earned Dinso a multiple promotion to the rank of Colonel.

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